' Westport Winery Garden Resort - Westport Winery: A Coast Traveler's Dream

Westport Winery: A Coast Traveler's Dream

Enjoy 112- pages of photos along with stories of Westport Winery's history, vineyards, labels, sculptures, charities, gardens, recipes and quotes.

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Westport Winery was founded in 2008 by Blain and Kim Roberts. Their path to opening a winery was a circuitous journey. Along with their children Carrie and Dana they transitioned from owning Lahaina Divers, the largest charter scuba diving business in Hawaii, to carving out a living on property in the middle to nowhere near the Washington coast, creating one of the top twenty most admired wineries in North America. The story of their endeavors with considerable challenges along the way is documented in the art of their labels and gardens.