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June 25th Erzulie Movie Screening

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The International Mermaid Museum will host an outdoor screening of the new mermaid movie Erzulie on Friday and Saturday, June 24 and 25 at 7pm in the event tent at Westport Winery Garden Resort.

This PG-13 rated movie tells the story of four friends who get together for a relaxing weekend on a Louisiana lake. In the spirit of scary movies, one of the friends convinces the others to call upon the water goddess Erzulie, known as the protector of women and children. Their quest seems hollow when the mermaid fails to appear. It is only the following day that they encounter the "fearsome queen of the swamps" in her true form.

As part of this special evening the movie's director, Christine Chen, will be presenting the International Mermaid Museum with a signed copy of the movie poster and Erzulie's mermaid tail.

Leila Anastasia Scott, who plays the lead role of Erzulie will join Chen in hosting the evening with opportunities for guests to visit with the director and star.

Chen explained that it is not a movie for young children. "I wouldn't say it's scary, it's like Goonies, meets Jaws, and Splash." Chen is an Academy qualified film producer, director, and author.

Advance ticket purchase is required to attend this event. Ticket price includes admission to the museum prior to the screening.