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Captain Gray

Oaked Chardonnay

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Sultry hints of summer with solitude on the beach

Listen to Toes In The Sand by Zac Brown

Benefits Grays Harbor Bishop Center & Symphony


Silver 2008 Wine Press NW

Bronze 2008 Mason County Fair

Bronze 2009 Wine Press NW

Silver 2009 Mason County Fair

Gold 2010 Amenti del Vino (CT)

Silver 2010 Washington State

Bronze 2010 NW Wine Summit

Silver 2011 Wine Press NW

Bronze 2013 San Francisco Chronicle (CA)

Bronze 2013 Beverage Tasting Institute

Platinum 2013 Best of the Best Wine Press NW

Gold 2013 Denver Int'l (CO)

Silver 2014 Capital Food & Wine

Silver 2014 San Francisco Chronicle (CA)

Bronze 2014 Washington State

90 Pts 2014 World Wine Championships (IL)

Silver 2015 Savor NW (OR)

Silver 2015 Denver Int'l (CO)

Bronze 2015 San Francisco Int'l (CA)

Gold 2015 Taster's Guild (MI)

Silver 2016 San Francisco Chronicle (CA)

Gold 2016 Savor NW (OR)

Silver 2016 Finger Lakes Int'l (NY)

Silver 87 Pts 2016 World Wine Championships (IL)

Bronze 2016 San Francisco Int'l (CA)

Gold 2016 Tri-Cities Wine Fest

Best of Class 2017 Savor NW (OR)

Silver 2017 Finger Lakes Int'l (NY)

Silver 2017 San Francisco Int'l (CA)

Double Gold 2017 Wine Press NW Platinum Invitational

Gold/91-points 2018 Savor NW (OR)

Silver 2019 New World Global Wine Comp (CA)

Silver 2019 Cascadia Int'l Wine Comp

Silver 2019 Savor NW (OR)

Bronze 2021 West Coast Wine Competition (CA)

Silver 2021 Cascadia Wine Competition (OR)

Silver 2021 Women's Int'l (CA)

Silver 2022 Great American Wine Competition (NY)

Double Gold/93-points 2022 Bellingham Northwest Wine Comp

Gold 2022 Great NW Wine

Size 750 ml